Foto Seksi Grace Natalie Penyiar Tv one

Biodata Grace
Grace Natalie Louisa
Nick Name: Grace Natalie
Date of birth: July 4, 1982)
Nationality: Indonesia
Occupation: Emcee / presenter
Years active 2008-present
Education: Almameter Indonesian Institute of Business and Informatics
Religion: Christianity
Grace Natalie

Grace Natalie

Grace Natalie her secondary education at the SMUK 3 BPK Penabur, Jakarta. After graduating, she majored in accounting at IBII (Institute of Business and Information Technology of Indonesia). During her lecture, she often taught as an assistant lecturer for several subjects. Grace has also been active as a Sunday school teacher at church. Her introduction to journalism began when SCTV SCTV Goes held a competition to campus to find talented young seedlings. Grace followed the competition and achieve victory for the Jakarta area. When matched again at the national level, he entered the top five. From this entrance into the television world began to open for him.

Grace Natalie

Grace Natalie


After completing her studies, SCTV directly recruited. There he became one announcer Coverage 6. In her first years as a journalist she was more down to the field covering a variety of events, ranging from criminal news, political, economic, and social events that occurred in the community. At first, she admits that is difficult to adapt to the television world is very dynamic with irregular working hours. But it did not dampen her spirits, even from these experiences she was trained and slowly she got closer and fell in love with the world of journalism. Within three years of her career and she could climb increasingly sedentary TV stations. From SCTV she moved to ANTV, and shortly thereafter from ANTV she moved again to follow his senior TVOne, Karni Ilyas.

Grace Natalie

Grace Natalie
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